Sunday, August 7, 2011

Creativity and Thinking

NAEA March 2012 Creative and Critical Thinking: Say What?

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fruit Fiasco

I just had to get this out of my brain.

These images are drawings I did around this idea that has been a focal point in my thoughts of late:

Fruit fiascos.

So tonight I needed to just get them out as I can't spend any more sleepless hours having them bounce around in my head.

I feel better already.  :)

Great # 5 Awe-inspiring

I think this is a great blog to be finishing this little segment of blog review posts I have been doing lately.


I have to be honest, this guy's blog has me kinda intimidated.  As a recent B.Ed. Grad and a (potential) Secondary School Art Teacher myself, this blog blows me away.  From what I can gather from the blog and linked class Facebook page, this teacher is only an LTO or equivalent as the students are asking him if he is returning in the Fall.   He really SHOULD be in my opinion (if admin can help it!).

David Dunlop IS a Secondary School Art Teacher (I believe in the UK) and has a classroom blog set up that he facilitates with all kinds of student work examples presented.

He hosts an "Artwork of the Week" post in which a student's artwork is showcased on the blog with a brief explanation of the student's intent with the piece.  He also provides of student podcasts uploaded to YouTube creating a "magazine" entitled "Art Clast" where the students are demonstrating/instructing lessons to viewers themselves!  There is also a video on the blog done by his students in particular that is with a view, called "The Black Box."  It is a short film created by his students in their SPARE time as a club during lunch breaks and such.   David also has links to posts entitled " ARTSPIRATION"  where the class focuses on a certain artist that is successful and/or influential each month.

I also love his little image box that proclaims: "It's Not Homework, It's Work From Home!" which displays tasks/artwork the students have been working on while they are outside of his classroom.

The final thing I will comment on is his creation of a "Doodle Book".  I have used Blurb books before myself to create a student book of poetry but I love the idea of a collaborative book of doodles!!  Very cool.

There is so much more to see on this blog and if you are a teacher that loves art or needs inspiration, go ahead and check this blog out, you won't be disappointed.

I, on the other  hand, have to get to planning.  David has inspired ME to inspire someone else.

Great # 4

Craig Roland is an art educator/professor/artist and like myself, has a special affinity for combining art education and technology.

He is an inspiration.  


On Craig's blog, he has an Animoto video outlining summer courses (via images) for Art Teachers (I believe at Florida University), his latest educational experiences: ie: ISTE 2011, TAGS that link to countless resources for the discerning and innovative teacher looking for the perfect resource for a class and "108 WEBTOOLS and RESOURCES" page at the top of his blog.   I love that Craig is passionate about creativity and provides inspirational ideas and practices for Art Teachers and others alike.

He also includes an extensive BLOG ROLL on his own blog leading to other educators and people with the same passion and drive for arts education and technology.

My favourite thing shared on his blog is item #7 on his post: "10 More Creativity Resources" list.  The link is to a collaborative Google Lab that outlines 106 ideas and web projects from people around the world.

Here is the link:

The Creative Internet: The World is Full of Interesting Things


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Great # 3

Another edublog I want to highlight is also from a teacher who's practice is wrapped with the use of technology in the classroom.

Funny,  I am not sure how these teachers find the time to delve into the "cloud" and provide such great resources and information to us other educators in the world.  I gotta say that I am VERY grateful for them as they have taken out all the leg work for me.  It's just sometimes I feel like I just don't reciprocate the favor and what's worse is, I am not sure how I even could.

While I am thinking about it and trying to figure out a way, please take the time to check out Mr. Richard Byrne's blog and enjoy what he throws at you.  :)

Likewise to my post about Kelly, Richard provides resources and ideas for classroom use including access to FREE technology to use for learning/teaching.  He includes lesson plans, tutorials for google,  provides E-books for teachers,  a link to a list of his own favourite resources, free downloads, and how to create blogs and websites.  All of this is available (as links to pages) even before you hit his first blog post.

He also provides a gadget on his blog to his Facebook page where more than 14, 000 people have "liked" him and his sharing: "Free Technology for Teachers"

Richard's blog is all about sharing.  He shares the information he finds/uses/creates with other educators around the world just for the sake of sharing.  His passion for education is evident and by providing these tools and resources for others, he is helping to change the way students learn and teachers teach.

Here is a like to one of his posts from June:

77 Web Resources for Teachers to Try This Summer

In this posts he has created a PDF file and a Slideshare-type presentation outlining 77 web resources for teachers to try out over the summer and see which ones they like and think would be helpful in their practice come the Fall.

Have fun going through them I hope you find some you like as well.