Friday, December 30, 2011

Lego Mania and Destiny

In a class I attended a while back, I was to create a visual representation of my philosophy as a teacher.  Moreover, my philosophy identified by which category we fit into after completing a survey questionnaire.  (By adding up our score based on answers chosen and then aligning with the category defined by our number of points.)

I fit into the category that:  sees the student as individual, encourages individual choice and is committed to living authentically.  Yep, that is me.  I think it is crazy that a survey can characterize me as a teacher based on a few a questions, however, I have to admit, it is pretty darn accurate.

I love authenticity and being individual, because that IS what we are.   We are all authentic, (original).......and individual.  When I recollect and reminisce on my life, I remember that I have made choices and decisions that led me down certain paths, paths that I was destined to go down.  What I think is interesting about this is, these choices and experiences have now led me to more questions and choices to seems to be eternally perpetual.

Being the creator of your own destiny is awesome, that way, you have no one else to answer to but yourself;  no one else to blame for bad choices, no one else to praise for good ones, it all comes down to you.   Control your destiny and make yourself smile.

Here is my visual representation of "individual" in the medium of lego, symbolizing that we all turn the wheel in the directions we want to go in, which ultimately defines and overarches, our own happiness/contentment in life.

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