Sunday, January 30, 2011

COLLABORATION balanced with Mentorship...

Our collaboration with the grade elevens is now complete....a learning process for all involved.  

After the collaboration with some of @ballantynedj 's grade 11 students, I have a new perspective on what collaboration and mentorship can mean.  Working together with these students and by providing each other with real-time feedback/suggestions around the project, the group of us @darthclaudiaa, @YatesV, @yoMsDunn, @daley1s) (and the students) were able to successfully learn from one another through multiple perspectives. 

With all of the technological resources at our fingertips the grade eleven's "Simulated World Cultures" project and our collaboration were a great success.  By the time the project was completed, we had managed to use a handful of innovative and engaging digital resources including:  Facebook, TodaysMeet, Twitter, Google Docs, and, to facilitate our exchanges.  Wow, would it be fair to say that teaching and learning have come a long way...............???????

Google Documents as a collaborative tool
Facebook Fan Page & brock u collab
Now that the project is complete, I look forward to using these resources in my own 2.0 classroom.  
Thanks @zbpipe and @ballantynedj for this opportunity.

Clowning Around.....

Tech Showcase at Brock University Hamilton Campus held on Friday, was a great success.  There were many opportunities to learn about the new technologies being used in classrooms today.  Also, many amazing Ignite presentations delighted the audience during lunch time in the cafeteria.  Some of the topics included: Dating, Social Barriers, Volunteering/Philanthropy, Technology Addiction and Clowns!!!!!!!!

My Ignite:
Clown Dichotomy: Pseudo-identities
I hope everyone else enjoyed it and found it as useful as I did!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

HEAD Thoughts

How are we influenced?  Everyday inundation of smells, sights, sounds, feelings, thoughts, connections.  Ever-changing thinking.

What do we value?  What creates that glow of excitement in our being?  Sometimes I feel like I cannot pinpoint it.  I have a direction, but which road will get me where I want to go?


As a teacher I need to foster the motivational influxes for students and to learn from them.  I need to embrace divergent thinking as it is the crux of creativity.  I will inform and encourage perseverance,  abolish inhibitions and self-criticism.  I won't judge, I will embrace....I will learn.

I am intimidated by the knowledge I want to have, perpetually wanting more, not materiality but knowledge. I am constantly driven and inspired by Ghandi - "Be the change you want to see in the world."