Thursday, August 4, 2011

Great # 4

Craig Roland is an art educator/professor/artist and like myself, has a special affinity for combining art education and technology.

He is an inspiration.  


On Craig's blog, he has an Animoto video outlining summer courses (via images) for Art Teachers (I believe at Florida University), his latest educational experiences: ie: ISTE 2011, TAGS that link to countless resources for the discerning and innovative teacher looking for the perfect resource for a class and "108 WEBTOOLS and RESOURCES" page at the top of his blog.   I love that Craig is passionate about creativity and provides inspirational ideas and practices for Art Teachers and others alike.

He also includes an extensive BLOG ROLL on his own blog leading to other educators and people with the same passion and drive for arts education and technology.

My favourite thing shared on his blog is item #7 on his post: "10 More Creativity Resources" list.  The link is to a collaborative Google Lab that outlines 106 ideas and web projects from people around the world.

Here is the link:

The Creative Internet: The World is Full of Interesting Things


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