Thursday, October 17, 2013

Making Art Is Awesome

Last year, I made a commitment to myself to attempt to make one piece of art everyday for a year. Yes, 365 days, one piece of art, for the entire year. (Clearly I was crazy and not thinking clearly :)

It turns out, I am really good at making art everyday for about four months. After four months, things got a little hairy in my life and I had to put it on hold. If only I had time, to make time for art.

Since my failed attempt last year, I have been thinking a lot about taking things up where I left off this year. This means I have two months or so, to get ship-shape in terms of organizing my life, my work, my family, etc. whereby I will have enough time to devote to creating a little something each and everyday.

Here is a sample of my creations from last year's pledge that I am hoping to take up again by the new year.

I think I may also submit some of these works in an exhibition proposal around Assumptions and Paranoia for the new year as well. Here's to hoping. Again.

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