Thursday, July 7, 2011

What Does It Mean?

Here is one of my lesson plans for a senior visual arts class.

Students create a piece to display the change in meaning of an artwork given a change in medium. 
It is a lesson that incorporates traditional drawing media (ie: chalk) with contemporary art creation (ie: digital photography).  Senior students are able to hone their drawing skills as well as to work on their skills as digital photographers/manipulators with this lesson.  This lesson meets the Intermediate/Senior students’ Art Development Stage of VISUAL MODE and fits into the Student Profile,      Modes of Art Expression, Instructional Strategies dynamic of a Grade 12 student.

Artwork 1
Title: “Healing”
Medium: Chalk Pastel
Size: 8” x 8” each (8 drawings)
Date: 2007

Artwork 2
Title: “Scarred”
Medium: Digital Photography
Size: 18” x 24”
Date: 2011
(This digital photo-manipulation software I used was very basic called: Image Zone: it came with my digital camera)

A1.3, A3.1, A3.2, B1.4, C2.1 

*Students are given project outlining the two-step process: Create an artwork (using a traditional medium of their choice) that incorporates three of the elements and principles of design covered in the unit; photograph their artwork and then use digital photo-manipulation software to re-invent the work through digital media.  (The process of this activity is to enhance student awareness to the capabilities of meaning creation in an artwork and the inherent change in meaning via media. Students provide dialogue (presentation) explaining their intentions/outcomes to the class/teacher)
*Students gather thoughts and plans around the artwork they will create using the three Principles/Elements learned and get final approval from teacher before beginning to create.
*Work on artwork and teacher will provide a feedback meeting during the working process
*One the non-digital piece is completed the student will begin the photographic documentation of the work in desired angles/positions
*Photos are uploaded to computer and student works on digital manipulation of the photographs using Photoshop or other photo software
*Students print photos and create a display of their photographic piece
*Students document intentions and the different artwork meanings derived from the two pieces 
*Students present their two-works to a small group and generate discussion around the double meaning generated by the work
*Teacher marks artwork using a rubric that was given to students upon beginning unit

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